3.5" Dual Lens Car Dash Cam DVR Video Recorder G-Sensor 1080P Front&Rear Camera

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3.5” Dual Lens Car Dash Cam DVR Video Recorder G-Sensor 1080P Front & Rear Camera

Description du produit

Upgrade from 3” screen to 3.5” screen, the largest memory card supported is 128G(not include the memory card) We recommend using a Class 10 or above Micro SD Card (TF card)

Caractéristique du produit

FHD 1080P Dual Lens Dash Cam: With a 3-inch LCD screen, the dual-lens dashcam simultaneously records front at 1920x1080P with 30fps and inside at 1080x720P with 25fps, which provides sharp high-quality videos/images and powerful evidence in case of an accident. Perfect for Uber/Taxi/Rideshare drivers or people who need to record both scenery and happy time with your families.

Excellent Night/Day Vision and HDR Technology: The interior facing camera with 4 infrared LED lights can handle low light conditions and ensure flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark at night. Equipped with HDR technology, the front camera provides great exposure and dynamic range in low light conditions.

Compact Design and Wide-Angle Lens: A well-built compact body makes it ideal for discreet recording when you don’t want individuals outside to notice your dash cam setup. The 170°wide angle front lens and 140°cabin lens capture the whole road in front of you from the edges of your windscreen and simultaneously record what is happening inside the cabin.

Loop Recording and G-sensor: Continuous loop recording will automatically overwrite the oldest footage, so you don’t need to worry about your memory card running out of space. Combined with G-sensor (built-in acceleration collision sensor), the dash cam front and inside will lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten when it detects a sudden shake/collision, which can be used as evidence and insurance claims during car accidents.

Parking Monitor: Combined with a parking monitor, the dashcam will automatically power on and start recording when it detects external force, providing you with security every moment.


1. Dashcam requires a constant power supply, the built-in battery is only designed for emergency power.

2. We suggest not to turn on motion detection features while driving, this function may make recording intermittent.

We recommend using a Class 10 or above,16GB, or 32GB Micro SD Card(TF card)
(Not Included).
Please format
on the dashcam before using it.

4. Dashcam will turn on/off with the car engine is on/off, so it will not drain the car battery. (Note: it depends on whether your car still provides power to the cigarette lighter socket when switching off the engine.)

Emballage inclus

1x 1080P Dual Car Dash Cam

1x Chargeur de voiture

1x Suction Cup Mount

1x Manuel de l'utilisateur


The battery is not rechargeable, the battery is used for emergency recording when the vehicle is collided .

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