Color Wow Cocktails Bionic Tonic 6.7 oz

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Color Wow Cocktails Bionic Tonic 6.7 oz (Choose Product)

Color Wow cocktails are potent, leave-in supplements that counteract the major problems caused by color-processing. COCONUT: This high powered, leave-in bionic tonic bonds to the hair’s surface, mimicking the lost lubricating layer with a precision blend of fatty acids and emollients. Deeply penetrating with Coconut Oil to hydrate deep within the cortex, improving strength and flexibility. It instantly transforms dry and dehydrated hair into silky smooth, vibrant strands. KALE: Kale Cocktail is a strand-strengthening superpower, clinically tested and proven to make hair twice as strong after a single application. Key to this bionic tonic is sulfur-rich sea kale, which helps reinforce damaged sulfur bonds, essential to strong resilient hair. Loaded with protein-building amino acids plus B vitamins, it smoothes, detangles and helps guard hair against UV ray damage. Paraben free, sulfate free, dye free & not animal tested. CARB: Enhance and fortify your hair with Carb Cocktail, a leave-in treatment that works to add body and fullness to limp, lifeless, colour-treated hair. Colour processing often causes hair to lose natural protein mass. To help combat this, the formula delivers a high-carb complex of Corn Starch, Cellulose and Oat Bran that binds to hair’s surface to help boost the appearance of fine, lack lustre locks. It utilizes a blend of Quinoa and Keratin Protein to create the appearance of thicker, full-bodied hair whilst imparting healthy, mirror-like shine. The effects of the starch-infused formula are enhanced when hair is heat styled. Similar to ironing with starch (which helps to add substance to flimsy fabrics), the tonic lends hair improved body, fullness and hold, all without stiffness or stickiness.

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