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Desmaia Cabelo Home Care Maintenance Kit 5 Products – Forever Liss

Forever Liss thinking about the well-being of her hair, brought together the most beloved products of the beauty world in a single product line, thus prolonging the daily beauty of the threads, leaving you more confident and elegant with super silky hair, healthy, soft, shiny and with resistance against breakage.

– All types of Hair;

– Coconut Oil:
Repairing system, acts on the structure of the strands recovering the capillary fiber, rich in vitamin E strengthens and creates a protective film on the strands.

– D’Pantenol:
Provides Maximum Hydration in the wires providing softness, leading shine and reviving the color of the threads.

– Keratin:
Recovers lost shine, renews and moisturizes all battered hair.

Comment utiliser:
The Shampoo Can be uséd daily or always before any treatment of the Line of Varnish Bath:
– With Wet Hair, apply the Varnish Bath Shampoo by gently massaging with your fingertips for foaming;
– Let it act for a few moments and then rinse.

Twice a week (Or when necessary) perform this procedure with the Mask (Always with clean hair):
– Apply the Varnish Moisturizing Mask on all areas of the yarn, evenly distributing and combing the yarns for better penetration of the product;
– Let it act for 10 minutes until you realize that the Mask has been absorbed by the hair;
– Rinse normally and finish as desired;
Tip: Use thermal cap if desired and finish with brush and plank for intense shine.

Twice a week (or when you feel it necessary) perform this procedure with Keratin:
– After using the Shampoo, spray the Keratin Powder Bath Varnish all the length of the threads and comb the ends of the root;
– Finish as you wish;
– No rinsing.

Tip: Brush together with the dryer to boost the brightness 5 times a week (or when you feel it necessary) to do this with Leave-in:
– After using Shampoo put an adequate amount of the Leave-in Varnish Bath in the palm of the hand and apply on the wet hair massaging wick to mecha or combing the hair;
– It can also be applied daily, before the dryer or board;
– Without Rinse.
Get ready to feel super soft, silky, moisturized hair with extra shine!

Coconut oil:
– Apply a few drops on the palm of the hand, spreading evenly over the wires. – Can be uséd before or after the plank or dryer.

– Light cleaning, without harming the wires;
– Anti Frizz;
– Deep Hydration;
– Reconstruction of Hair Fibers;
– Break resistance;
– Healthy yarns;
– Softness;
– Thermal protection;
– Nutrition;
– Extra Bright;
– Unbinding Action.

– Leave-in 150gr
– Mask 350gr
– Shampoo 500ml
– Serum 60ml
– Conditioner 300gr

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