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La description


Gardez à l'esprit que les shapers sont des vêtements de compression conçus pour affiner votre silhouette, il est important de suivre nos étapes de mesure au lieu de suivre la taille, la taille ou le poids de vos vêtements.

Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 1


Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 2

Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 3Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 4Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 5Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 6Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 7Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 8

Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 9

Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 10

Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 11Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 12Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 13Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 14

Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 15

Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset 16

Informations complémentaires


Nylon, Spandex

Sexuellement suggestif






Le sexe


Type d'élément


Type de tissu


Niveau de contrôle




Une fonction:

Shrink the waist with the Butt lifter


Noir, Nu



99 avis pour Clip and Zip Waist Lace Slimming Shaper Corset

  1. J *** a -

    You will get absolutely such a thing as in the description

  2. R *** l -

  3. Un -

    ok, but doesn’t really create curves, just tucks everything in.

  4. L *** z -

  5. c *** i -

    Very small carving

  6. Un *** a -

    Wonderful and excellent type

  7. c *** i -

    Very good, but I should have taken one size less

  8. p *** s -

    I did not receive my order, I told the seller who told me to look at my mailbox.

  9. Alors -

    Of acordo!

  10. c *** i -

    A bomb, and super fast shipping. In 10 days in case it serves one here I leave my weight to let them know what size to order when they make the purchase. mido.1 ’60 and fart 58 and a half pounds. And size s fits me perfectly. I highly recommend (KSS)

  11. M -

    Fits perfectly. Delivered to Estonia within 10 days.

  12. c *** i -

    It’s bigger than me ! I’m a size 10 I took medium and it’s big!!!!! It is short!!!! More like pant . I’m wearing a tight underneath.

  13. Mme -

    Très bonne qualité

  14. c *** i -

    Quality is superb but the product runs small. Order 1-2 sizes up.

  15. c *** i -

    Well received stays more than l’essayer!

  16. R *** r -

    Underwear is just as good in the description

  17. J *** r -

    It fits the person I bought it for perfectly! She loves it . Recommending!

  18. New York -

    Shipping to YaNAO slightly more weeks. Excellent quality, all seams smooth, smooth. The thighs is something like Silicone belts for not letting lace bully

  19. la -

    Arrived in 18 days for Portugal super fast thanks to seller.
    Not yet experienced because made a surgery but looks fantastic

  20. K *** l -

    It is very good the product

  21. n *** s -

    cant fit size up good quality

  22. m *** n -

    It looks good quality I look good. I like it.

  23. Un *** e -

    love love love love it

  24. un d -

    Excellent, love it, comfortable with support. Came fairly fast.

  25. f *** e -

  26. c *** i -

    This one is much better than what my dr gave me after my lipo. Great material and great product. They sell the same stuff here for 70$. I am 34 in size (xs) and took S size, and this one is a bit too tight. It sits perfect- but it’s a bit uncomfortable. Would definitely recommend taking M instead of S

  27. S *** n -


  28. c *** i -

    i wear uk size 24. got the 3xl shaper,its breathable,but tight on my thighs.it took less than a month to south Africa.

  29. c *** i -

    Runs small go one size up .

  30. c *** i -

    Thank you I received the command in 1 week product at the top

  31. o *** e -

  32. b***i -

    It arrives in 6 days

  33. T *** s -

    I so love this body shaper I normally wear a size large but I order a Medium instead and it fits fantastic holds all the curves perfect

  34. e *** e -

    I tried it size very well against the straps of the top hurt because they pinch a little skin otherwise it’s very good

  35. r***y -

    A little lovely

  36. Moi -

    a bit small my thighs are a bit tight. I will order the size up

  37. Non -

    Good quality, the seller quickly sent the order, sociable, prosperity fast, thanks

  38. c *** i -

    It was necessary to take HL, L stretches, but not where the castle is.

  39. S***p -

  40. E *** v -

    Everything is super. Seller recommend!

  41. moi -

    Good quality best order 1 size less for beige color

  42. c *** i -

    Looks the same as the photo just needs to be proven

  43. d *** d -

    So happy with this purchase, really good alternative to the pricey ones

  44. b***y -

    It came right on time

  45. d *** d -

    Really does the compression job, love it

  46. S *** m -

  47. J *** l -

    It’s great

  48. Y *** h -

    Order is within the specified term arrived. Good quality

  49. R *** m -

    To say that he is afigenic, it’s not to say anything, I wear 44-46, I took S, everything is perfect! What I did not really like, so it’s a little bit on the Pope, it looks a little unnatural under the clothes, but it’s trifles

  50. S *** m -

    très agréable

  51. H *** s -


  52. Mme -

    Very good. Excellent quality

  53. q*** -

    Made with high quality, hope will be at the time. The Feeling that 4 HL wrong and will be great. But the quality is top. All made of very high quality.

  54. c *** i -

    Perfect fit and comfortable.

  55. Mme -

    Absolutely perfect

  56. c *** i -

  57. s *** s -


  58. S *** n -

    small size

  59. c *** i -

  60. B *** k -

    Arrived بسرعه ossna John Petrucci CII dear معامله ممتازه

  61. G *** e -

    Pareil ke on the photo but it feels not a belly very flat

  62. N *** u -

    as described

  63. m***u -

    Super. Fast Delivery

  64. c *** i -

    Tall person is there is short.

  65. S *** e -

    So nice

  66. moi -

    Ordered twice did not receive first order seller told me it would be here it was meant to be posted from the Uk but stopped tracking in Europe I listened to seller that it would be here and protection ran out seller did not resend or do anything feels like a SCAM

  67. J *** e -

  68. n *** n -

    It is very beautiful

  69. Un *** a -

    I get my order before time I hope it works

  70. d*** -

    I’m super excited about this product, I’m size uk14-16. I was worried when I took L thinking it would be too small but if fits like a clove …. it’s giving me an hourglass shape.. I love it

  71. Un *** un -

    Very good material, well sheathing, I am satisfied with my purchase, except that I should have taken the size s, I recommend the seller.

  72. Pennsylvanie -

    Wonderful product just as described , it’s very qualitative thank you seller !

  73. c *** s -

  74. D *** a -

    Ill is very tight well I highly recommend

  75. C *** y -

    Excellent quality. I recommend it

  76. Moi -

    I do not love this product the way I see it on the picture I was thinking that is very good but I don’t like it at all

  77. R *** r -

    Quality standards.

  78. c *** i -

    Ask for one less to adjust more, I love to buy again.

  79. N *** r -


  80. un d -

    The best most comfortable fajas ever. Will continually buy more.

  81. c *** i -

    lovely product

  82. D *** h -

  83. Comme -

    It’s nice and good material but size s is very big and not tight

  84. L *** n -

    Pulls perfectly my size M, took M everything came perfectly, went about a month, the quality is nice in Brazil such from 3 k expectation was worth it, I only after giving birth to me perfectly Thank you very much to the seller

  85. S *** s -

  86. c *** i -

    The tape at the inner edge cause so much discomfort and blisters. Asides this, it’s does tuck my tummy in well and doesn’t push the fat to my bust area like other shapewear.

  87. O *** a -

  88. S *** a -

    It’s great, excellent product. Thank You

  89. Z***o -

    Very good quality like

  90. c *** i -

  91. J *** a -


  92. T *** s -

    muy bien

  93. M *** z -

    I love the shaper. Except the side by the bra it is too close to the armpit. Besides that all is perfect. Fast delivery I chose shipping from USA

  94. s *** n -

  95. K *** n -

  96. c *** i -

  97. C *** e -

  98. k*** -

    this is the one OMG I recommend this sealer and shipping is wow and wow 1000%

  99. un *** e -

    The products are also solid.
    The shipping contact was also polite and solid.

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