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How to Sell Music on KreziCart

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#1 – To sell music on KreziCart, go to Seller Dashboard and click on Product

How to Sell Music on KreziCart 1

#2 – On the product page, click Add new product and then enter your music information and the price. Make sure to select Downloadable. (If you don’t select downloadable, you wont be able to upload your music)

How to Sell Music on KreziCart 2

#3 – On the condition box select New
– On the shipping box, select This purchase will be emailed to you
– On the estimated delivery box select Once Order is Confirmed
– On the return box select No returns
– On the Location, select the location you are located

For the Downloadable Options
– Enter your music name
– Upload Your music MP3 file
– Change the download limit to the amount of time people can download your music when they purchase it.
– On Download Expiry, enter the number of days the buyer have to download your music. (Leave empty if there’s none)

For Shipping and Tax
– Uncheck This product requires shipping

How to Sell Music on KreziCart 3

#4 Once you are done Click Save product

How to Sell Music on KreziCart 4