KreziCart Introduced KreziCASH

To make paying on KreziCart easier, KreziCart developed KreziCASH In May 2019. Haitians can transfer their MonCash money to KreziCash and Haitians outside of Haiti can recharge their family KreziCart account by buying KreziCash.

KreziCASH is KreziCart main payment method that facilitate the ability for Haitians to buy on KreziCart with MonCash. In KreziCart, Haitians don’t need to use a credit card to pay on KreziCart, which is good since Haitians don’t like entering their personal banking information online. To learn how to transfer your MonCash money to KreziCASH, Please click here.

KreziCASH is also an easy way for Haitians outside of Haiti to recharge their family KreziCart account. If a Haitian in Haiti don’t have money to buy on KreziCart, they can always ask a family member or friend outside of Haiti to recharge their account for them by buying KreziCASH and transferred it into their account. To learn how to recharge someone KreziCart account, Please click here.

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