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Four reasons to sell on KreziCart


Reach thousands of customers

KreziCart is where Haitians shops online. Connect with unlimited opportunity.

Let us do the heavy lifting

We pick, pack, and ship your products and take care of customer service and returns. All so you can focus on, is growing your business.

Powerful tools

Our suite of tools help you list faster and make the sale. And they’re flexible enough to work for your business.

A business partner

We don’t compete with our sellers. We help them grow. Your success is our success.

KreziCart Business Features


Visual Dashboards

Our dashboard has everything you need in order to be successful at selling online!

Detailed Sales Info

On KreziCart, we have a nicely detailed analytics charts. You can track everything! From how many people viewed your products, Your store, the sales you made and many more!

Customer support

We offer a nice looking customer support section where you and your costumer can interact!


On KreziCart, you can offer deals to your customer, create coupons and apply them to your products in one click!

And many more features!

Start selling on KreziCart


Step 1 - Register to sell on KreziCart

Register as a Vendor Selling Account on

Step 3 - Add your Products

Use our simple listing tools to add your product. We give you the ability to customize your products details however you want!

Step 2 - Create your Store Profile

Tell your unique story using our Profile Editor.

Step 4 - Start Selling

Reach thousands of customers already shopping on KreziCart.

2 Big reasons why businesses sell on KreziCart

Sell on KreziCart - Business 2


Thousands of Customers

One of the biggest reason why businesses sells on KreziCart is that they get to reach thousands of buyers on KreziCart.

No Physical Location

One of the biggest reasons why businesses sells on KreziCart is that they don’t need to have a physical location! They get to save thousands of dollars each months on expenses!

How It works


1. List

List your products one at a time with the easy to use Dashboard tool.

2. Sell

After you list your product, customers can see them on KreziCart. With features like 1-Click Order, secure checkout, and our Krezi Guarantee, KreziCart helps customers make quick, easy, and worry-free purchases.

3. Ship

KreziCart will notify you when a customer places an order. Dependent on your location, KreziCart will pick up your product and bring it to the buyers house.

4. Get paid

KreziCart will pay you when the buyer receive his product. KreziCart will deposit payments into your preferred account and notify you when your payment has been sent.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I get paid?


On KreziCart, we can transfer your money to your bank account! Click here to learn how!


PayPal is the largest online payment method around the world. To learn how to withdraw with PayPal, Click here!

Mon Cash

Mon Cash is Haiti’s largest online payment methods. To learn how to withdraw with Mon Cash, Click here!

Want to get paid In something else? Let us know and we will see what we can do.

When do I get paid?

We pay every 7 days after buyer receives his product.

How much % does KreziCart take?

Depending on the product, we take between 5-7% per sales