Why choose KreziCart

On KreziCart, you get to sell your music directly to your fans, your real ones, ask them to support your work while redirecting them to your KreziCart Music Shop

Make More Money

With KreziCart, we offer you the best tools to sell your music and make money

Reach More Fans

Thousands of buyers are actively looking at a product to buy on KreziCart. By selling your music on KreziCart, you get to reached thousands of buyers

Sell your Album also

Not only you can sell you music, you can also sell your Album to!

How does it work?

Upload Cover Art

Select cover art that exemplifies your song or album.

Upload Your Music

Simply drag and drop your song into the form and you’re done.

Share Your Music

All you have to do now is share your KreziCart music link with your fans

Sharing your music through KreziCart is fast, easy and lucrative. And, as your songs will be heard around the world, you’ll also be building your music career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get paid?

We can pay you via your favorite payment method. PayPal, MonCash and Bank Transfer

When will I get paid?

We pay every 7 days.

How much percentage (%) does KreziCart take in my music sales?

KreziCart only take around 1-2% of your total music sales

Do you have any tutorials on how to upload a music on KreziCart?

To learn how to upload your music on KreziCart, (Click here)

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