Jouets d'apprentissage éducatifs pour les enfants et les jeunes âgés de 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 et 8 ans, garçons et filles.

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La description
  • Wooden Spelling Toy: Includes a wood tray, 5 Handheld Sets of Rotating Blocks with 3-letter word movable blocks. Along with 48pcs sight words flash card (24 pcs foldable word 2-in-1 cards, 24 pcs word cards). Appropriate for teaching very basic reading skills.
  • Durable, Heavy Duty Material: The Wooden Letter Blocks and tray are made of natural wood which is non-toxid and safe for kids. Larger-size wooden blocks which is prevent the risk of the kids swallowing. Spelling card are durable and easy to use, even in the classroom. The large, colorful print is ideal colorful printed pattern with rounded corners and no sharp edges, smooth and burr-free. This spelling letters block are sturdy and everlasting even after long times using.
  • Foldable Sight Words Flash Card: Put the card into slot of the wooden tray, collapses the cards for covers the words shown in the picture, spelling out the words on the wooden alphabet blocks according to the prompt information of the sight words flash card. Montessori educational toys helps toddlers develop strategic thinking in the brain, greatly develop memory skills.
  • Attract Children’s Attention: Toddler learning cards with colors companied by adorable illustrations more likely to attract children’s attention, matching letter game keep your kids off of screens for a long period of time. At the same time you have enough free time to do whatever you want to do.
  • Perfect Gift for Kids: These flashcards are durable and easy to use, even in the classroom. The large and not easily damaged. They can withstand the destructive power of children. colorful print is ideal. Educational toys is the best gift toys for boys and girls over 3 years old on birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays.


Description du produit

  • The cards have basic words that are easy for toddler’s early years of learning. It can help your kid’s spelling, matching and memory skills, to match letters on the cubes with letters on word and spell the letter name of the object.
  • If your kid can not recognize words by sight- you can Place the sight words flash card in the card slot, don’t cover the words on the card, then ask them to string the cubes on the slot to make a correct word according to the word prompt of the card.
  • If your kid already knows the word spellings- you can hide the word and spell it out with the cubes. Find the corresponding letter according to the word prompt of the card, the word is full-covered, so a child can try to spell the word according to the pattern on the card without seeing the answer.

2 Kinds of Sight Words Flash Card

Learning new words can be challenging and frustrating for kids, regardless of their academic level. Now, you can turn the tiresome process into a fun game. It is a great way to stimulate children’s brainpower, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and memory with the help of the vivid cartoon images shown on the cards. all while giving your child a much-needed confidence boost.

Durable, Heavy Duty Materia

Putting the wooden letter cubes together to form a word, the kid gains an important understanding of the mechanics of vocabulary, aided by the picture cards which provide a clue to the meaning of the word being formed.

Spelling card is made of the paper with a double-sided printed pattern with rounded corners and no sharp edges. Wooden letter blocks are perfect for small hands, smooth and burr-free.

For English Lanuage Beginners

The wooden blocks are 4 sided with letters to build many letter words to match the flash cards. It came with 48 different frustrating. so that child can learning about 48 new words. Flash cards have basic words that are easy for toddler’s early years of learning. Besides, you can DIY some more on your own as well to play with the matching letter game.

What is the flashcards showed?

It comes with 24 flashcards and 24 cards that can be used for a matching game. these two sets of cards are actually the same, show some common picture to describe the words that the reading blocks formed

What is the size of each card?

The cards are 3.5”x 3.9” in size perfect for little hands to grip.

How thick are the cards?

The cards are about as thick as a typical playing deck card

Le forfait comprend

1 x Color box

1 x Wood tray

5 x Individual handheld block sets from Young Hands

48 x Word cards (2 set of 24 words )

Specs & Details

Spinning letter block size: 5” x 4.5” x 1.2” each

Total block sets: 5

Number of spinning blocks per set: 3

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Toddler, kids, boys, girls, preschool

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